Pizza Republic Pick + Mix Customized Pizza in Cebu

By hearing the name itself, “Pizza Republic Pick + Mix”, sounds interesting especially for those who are pizza lovers and food lovers. And since I and my friends are one of those who love eating and food trips, we didn’t fail the opportunity of visiting the famous pizza place. So, we set the date of going together to be more fun and greatly enjoy the pizza experience.

pizza republic

When we arrived at the pizza place which was found along Salinas Drive in Lahug Cebu, lots of thoughts comes in our minds with mixed emotions of excitement wondering what’s so special inside. Upon coming in, I was amazed by the cool modern set-up of the store. It was spacious inside which can accommodate more than a 100’s seats for dine-in customers. The interior also gives a light ambiance based on a modern industrial design using concrete metal and wood enhanced with different artworks usually abstract.

So, after a short amazement of observing the place, it’s now time to order the pizza we all crave for! The excitement again fills us as we are going to make our very own customized pizza. Doesn’t it sound awesome, giving us all the freedom to choose our desired ingredients for the best pizza that we’ll going to make ever. We can put as many toppings as we want, from the choice of sauce, to the cheeses, meats, veggies and herbs. Putting it all together, our pizza is now ready to be cooked in a brick oven. For only P245.00, we can now have our 10” pizza masterpiece.

pizza republic dining

While waiting for our number to be called (meaning to say pizza is ready to serve), aside from taking some pictures for souvenir, we make ourselves busy reading some writings written in the walls of the store itself. There we found out their general menu list and the corresponding prices. They are also offering salads, desserts and other pizza flavor according to Giuseppe Genco’s menu.

pizza mix

Finally, our pie was served! And guess what? Overall, we got the most phenomenal pizza toppings combination our tongue had ever tasted! Each and every one of us enjoyed the great experience picking and mixing toppings to create a unique pizza.

I can’t wait to go back Pizza Republic to try another combination of toppings, and this time more careful in choosing the ingredients by the proper mix and match. Remember, if we put too much the pizza might not cook properly and the toppings will fall off when we eat it because of too much weight. Better to conceptualize first the pizza we wish to make to achieve the absolute experience.

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