2018 guide to Kawasan Falls in Badian

Cebu is much well known to the wide array of attractions that it possesses. In its Southern part, comes every township which has its own pride of tourist attractions. Going there you’ll pass by municipalities like Carcar with its old churches and famous Chicharon, Sibonga in its very well-known castle-like Simala Church with the miraculous Virgin Mary, Dalaguete’s Osmeña Peak and baskets of fresh vegetables, Argao with their famous delicacy which is Torta, Boljoon’s old original stone Church, and Oslob’s whale shark watching.


Just when you thought your south Cebu itinerary ends there. In its southwestern part, another set of natural creations will be witnessed along the way from the towns of Barili where Manatayupan Falls and Moalboal’s white sand beaches could be found before reaching the most famous destination – the Kawasan Falls in Badian.

How to get there?

The ride going to the said spot from the city is quiet long but worth waiting for. For about 98 kilometers away from the city, it will take 3-4 hours ride before reaching Barangay Matutinao in Badian where the famed Kawasan Falls lies. To get there, any of the following would take you:

From South Bus Terminal

  • Ceres Bus bound for BATO VIA BARILI
  • Rough Riders Bus bound for BATO VIA BARILI

Or an alternative way aside from the South Bus Terminal, you can also take a bus at Librando Terminal. Bus fare is around 120 pesos.

Upon arrival, a small church would be seen which serves as a landmark going to the foothills. There is available parking area beside the church since vehicles are not anymore allowed to get inside the preserved gift of nature. So, it’ll take another 15-30 minute walk to reach the amusingly beautiful waterfalls. There are locals who will offer their services to guide you to the area but not anymore necessary because getting there is just very easy and enjoyable.

Just a simple tip: Better to wear hiking sandals for going there would take much walking, but more fun!


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What’s in there?

The best thing along the way going to the hidden waterfalls is the tantalizing Kawasan River which runs along the path. The 1.5km trail became very enjoyable to walk as the shimmering and splattering aquamarine water that rushingly flows down from the mountains catches each and everyone’s eye. There are also several small bridges passed by along the way.

Reaching the heart of Matutinao, there goes the amusingly not ordinary waterfalls lies beneath the dense tropical forest. What’s so special with this spot is that it has 3 levels waterfalls. There two more falls connected to the first level which can be reached to those who will dare to explore. An ascending step made of concrete materials but wrapped by green algae which made the path so slimy with a rope as guide would lead to the second falls. The third falls was the hardest to reach. As its way was too narrow and requires extra strength to survive up to the edge.

What made it Fun?

The cool, refreshing clear water that falls down from the mountain gives an extraordinary kind of relaxation. But what made more fun is the rafting experience. Through a light weight threaded wood, an exciting bamboo ride rough water encounter starts up. As the bamboo raft gets nearer to the rushing falling water, the more challenging it is. Most especially when reaching under the water pressure and target parts of your body to have it massaged – “Ahhh! What an amazing experience!” Should’ve try it out. People or group doing the activity mostly screaming and laughing like it was really very fun.

There are also hidden lagoon up above the 1st level waterfalls. For those who prefer a more quiet and peaceful place, better explore and climb up to see small lagoons which are free for swimming. To escape from crowd, some tourist just have their swimming in the lagoon.


Cottage. There are table rentals with umbrella for approximately only P300.00 depending on the size.

Bamboo Raft. For P300, the group can now experience the bamboo ride adventure. But there are also rafting guides who ask separate fee for their service at P200.00 each.

Life Jacket. For those who cannot swim, there are available life jackets for rent to freely explore the water. Since the water was really very deep, it is advisable to just wear life jacket for safety precautions.

Rooms. There are also rooms for overnight visitors. A range of P900.00-P3000+ depending on the kind of room you want to get.

Additional Info

  • There is an entrance fee of P10.00 before entering the premises.
  • Restaurant and mini store is present in the area but a little bit overpriced, so better bring food and extra goods for basic needs.
  • Amenities above are optional, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without getting any one of it.
  • This spot is very popular and can be visited for completely free, so better not go there on weekends if you don’t want to hear more screams from the crowd.

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