2018 Guide to Best Destination to visit in Bohol

Bohol has been devastated with earthquake last 2013 which make the whole tourist destination of Bohol was destroyed. But after the years of recovery you can now see the new Province of Bohol which is more hospitable and lively. No wonder it is now one of the top tourist destination in the Philippines. There are lots of beautiful places to go in the Province of Bohol. I will list here the places you must go.

Panglao Island: Alona White Sand Beach

alona white sand beach

It just a fifteen minutes’ drive from Tagbilaran port, There were variety of hotel and resorts in Alona White Sand Beach and also it is renowned a dive spot. No doubt the Panglao Island has gained its reputation as one of the choice destination in the Philippines. The place is closely more like Boracay Island in Aklan.

Hinagdanan Cave

Located also in Panglao Island in Dauis, it has beautiful rock formation and has an underground lake which also popular for swimming. Before entering, you need to pay the entrance fee of Php 25.00 per person. The cave entrance has 1 meter wide, going inside be cautious because it’s a bet slippery but there’s a railing made of steel to hold to avoid accident. There will be a tour guide to guide you in going inside.

Blood Compact Shrine (Sandugo)

 blood compact

This place is the most historical in Bohol, This shrine remembered the treaty of Frienship between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legaspi and Datu Sikatuna which was the chieftain in Bohol.

Albur Phyton

 albur phyton

Albur or Municipality of Alburquerque, which you can see the most popular phyton in Bohol named Prony considered as one of the longest and heaviest phyton in captivity which is 23-feet long and weighted 300 kg.

Loboc River and Floating Restaurant

 loboc river

Experience here a floating restaurant that runs through Loboc river. The cruise includes buffet meal when it start the trip, you will see the mountains and trees along the river. There are also a stop-over along the trip there were locals will sing and dance to the guests.

Sipatan Hanging Bridge

The bridge across the Sipatan River which made of bamboo trees and the rope made of steel cables for safety and it is 40 meters long back and forth. The side to side sway, cracking sound of the bridge and up and down bounce will make you more excited and feel extreme if you across the bridge.

Man Made Forest

 man made forest

A 2 kilometers man made mahogany forest going to Chocolate Hills in Carmen. You can take pictures with the sturdy trees and it is quite cooler because of the trees surround.

Chocolate Hills

 chocolate hills

The most famous attraction in Bohol and considered as top destination in the Philippines. There were over hundreds of hills covered with brown-green grass which is look like a chocolate that’s why it has a name chocolate hills.


Enjoy and Happy Trip in Bohol!!!

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