2018 guide to Camiguin Island Philippines

Summer is the most awaited season of the year. There are a lot of activities to do, and it is best enjoyed by going out on a trip and feels the heat of the sun with the touch of nature. Everyone are very much eager to look for a best destination where they could have a well-spent summer vacation. Well, I could recommend one – the Camiguin Island. It has a variety of tourist spot to visit, amongst of them were listed below.

White Island


White Island is one of the most popular spot in Camiguin. This islet is formed purely of white sandbar. It could be reached through a six-seater small boat for about 10-15 minutes ride from Mambajao shore. Aside from its clear and aquatic water, the overview of the island is the perfectly beautiful shape of Mt. Hibok-Hibok and the other old volcanoes nearby. The C-shaped white sandbar is really fun for swimming. There are no shaded part in the island so it’s extremely hot, better prepare sunblock.

Katibawasan Falls


This waterfalls should not be missed when you visit Camiguin Island. Located also in Mambajao right at the foot of Mt. Timpoong. The 76-m clear water dropping to a small slightly deep pool, embodies a cold and refreshing swim. It is surrounded by ground orchids, wild ferns, trees and rocks making it more attractive, truly a gift of nature. The area is also best for swimming and picnics. No worries, there are concrete benches and tables available to keep our things safe.


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Ardent Hot Spring


Found in the mountainside of Mt. Hibok-Hibok is the Ardent Hot Spring. Its clear water comes from the mountain with a temperature of 40 degree celsius. The active volcano causes the water to become hot. It has four separate pools arranged in cascades. The highest pool has the higher temperature while the others are colder. In peak seasons like summer, many tourists visits the place and never miss to try the hot bath, so expect the pools don’t look good as it is because the water is not clear anymore.

Sto. Niño Cold Spring


The Sto. Niño Cold Spring which is located in Catarman Camiguin Island have two huge pools contains of a super cool spring water with approximately 18 degree C in temperature. The other one is designed for kids and to those who can’t swim well in the deep. You should not miss to take a refreshing dip in the sandy bottom of the pool. The spring is a little bit crowded during weekends or peak seasons but the cold and chill of the water is still there.

Bura Soda Water Pool


Found also in Catarman,Camiguin is another one of a kind spring – the Bura Soda Water Pool. The name itself tells the characteristic of the water pool. It is named as such because of the streaming soda water that sprouts up in the ground. The water is indeed naturally carbonated as it tastes closely like soda, that’s what makes the place so famous. Like the other springs in Camiguin, this is also surrounded by trees and bushes but not covering the view of mountains. Aside from the two huge pools available for swimming, there is also kids’ park on the other side for the children to add enjoyment.

Sunken Cemetery


This became the foremost icon of Camiguin as its history had been talked about by every tourist visited the spot from time to time. The cemetery marks the remains of the island’s rested locals in Catarman. Thousands of lives were buried there when an earthquake hit the island. In 1870’s the cemetery sunk and driven underwater when the Mt. Vulcan erupted. They say the structure and the gravestones could still be seen during low tide until 1948. But Mt. Vulcan erupted again for the fourth time, which makes the sunken cemetery drive deeper. Now, we only see the large cross which was built to mark the old grave site.

The Old Church Ruins


One of the remains of old Catarman from all the natural calamities that happened several years ago was the ruins of an ancient Spanish San Roque Church. Today, it is considered one of the historical tourist spots in Camiguin. The place is really stunning! There are only concrete walls left which they say made only of rocks and egg whites. When you get inside, an altar could be first seen. On the right side is found a two ruined doors made of rocks, there you will see the real beauty of the ruins. There is a giant tree and all other places were surrounded by grasses. You can feel the fresh air and the humid temperature that touches your skin. The place is really perfect for photo shoots.


Camiguin Island trip will surely give you a great whole lot of experience. It is just a small island but offers more than enough of a beautiful sceneries and spots that could add up to your summer bucket list next year.

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