Estaca Bay Resort in Compostela Cebu

Looking for summer outing destination perfect for fun and enjoyment? How about a place for convenience and relaxation? Wanting all these recreational activities for a pocket-friendly price? Well, I know somewhere you should also know.

There is this resort located exactly Estaca, Compostela, Cebu, which offers quality time for the family, friends, workforce, lovers and even strangers as I may say. At the same time provides a variety of fun and adventure, under the sun experience while creating memories worth to be treasured. This resort was previously known as Stakili Beach Resort which was now changed to Estaca Bay (Gardens and Conference Resort). Interested with the details? Let me give you a tour.

The resort has a wide range of seaside bay with more or less seven medium sized cottages which can accommodate 10-15 persons I guess. But they also had tables and chairs for rent, for those were not able to reserve for the cottages. There are rooms available with complete facilities for more convenience, but need to be reserved ahead of time to make sure of the slot.

beach estaca bay compostela cebu

Their rooms are categorized into three: Superior, Deluxe and Residential which also vary in prices from the cheapest to the highest price respectively. I think the Superior room was the best-reserved, because aside from its price, it is also the best choice for families since it has two single beds. The deluxe room is ideal for lovers to have more moments together. For the residential, I may say this room has all what you need. By the name itself, it has bigger space with kitchen, perfect for a longer stay which makes you feel at home.

rooms estaca bay compostela cebu

They also have two swimming pools good for all age level. The first one was not so deep, with a partition, the first half was designed for kids and the other half is for adult who don’t know how to swim. We had to find the right fiberglass pool supplier, who is dedicated to bringing cutting-edge innovations to the pool world.

pool estaca bay compostela cebu

However, the bigger pool which was located nearer the seaside was the deep one. With the depth of 5-8 feet, this is already restricted for children.

pool estaca bay compostela cebu

In terms of food, you don’t have to worry about. Why? Because you can bring any kind of food as much as you want, no corkage fee. If ever, you find bringing foods an extra load or burden, then they also have a restaurant. There’s also a canteen available for basic needs.

restaurant estaca bay compostela cebu

front office estaca bay compostela cebu

Listed below some prices and additional information for your budget guidance.


Open Cottage A                                                ₱ 1,100.00

Open Cottage B & C                                        ₱ 1,500.00

Open Cottage D                                               ₱ 550.00

Semi-close Cottage                                         ₱ 550.00

Close Cottages                                                  ₱ 550.00

Plastic Table Set                                                ₱ 165.00

Camp Tent Charge                                           ₱ 150.00




                              Day-use                                                           Night-use


Adult                     ₱ 100.00                                                               ₱ 120.00

Kid                          ₱ 75.00                                                                  ₱ 100.00



Superior Room                  ₱1,470
Deluxe Room                     ₱1,800
Executive Suite                 ₱4,000

Barkada Package                              P650/Person for a minimum of 6

Party Package                                    P400/Person for a minimum of 30

Seminar Package                              P1,650/Person/Night


Estaca Bay Gardens Conference Resort is a roughly 30-minutes drive away from the city proper, and is easily accessible via reliable, convenient and extremely affordable modes of transportation like buses, jeepneys, taxis and private cars.

If you’re from Cebu-Mactan International Airport, there are available taxis which will take you to our resort for more or less 20.2 kilometers or 30-minute drive via Cebu North Road.

Address: Km.23 Estaca, Compostela, Cebu, Philippines 6003
Resort Phone #: (00)(63)(32) 4258062 or (00)(63) 9228496125
Main Office #: (032)  254-1995

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