2019 Top 5 Best Travel Apps for iOS and Android

Generally, traveling the long journey of time offers the relaxation to your mind. With the help of the traveling, you will get relief from the stress in your life. Are you decided to go for the long journey to enjoy your vacation time? If yes, then you made a perfect choice.

Actually, finding the right hotels, booking the flight tickets is not an easy one why because there are so many hotels and flights are available in the world so it is very difficult to find the best and also cheap hotels for you.

For the customer comfort, the travel companies are decided to make the travel apps. With the help of the effective travel app, you can easily book the hotel or flight tickets whatever you want in your home itself. Let’s, we discuss the top 5 best travel apps for iOS and Android.

How to download the best travel app in my smartphone?

Actually, it is not a big task. You can easily download the travel app and use it on your mobile. But, one of the toughest tasks is finding the best travel app why because some of the apps in the market will not provide the correct information and also the price will not suitable for your budget.

Do you want to download the travel app for your personal use? If yes, then check whether the app has the ability to support the operation of your mobile or not why because some of the apps will not support your mobile operations.

Secondly, analyze your need which means if you want to book the flight tickets, download the flight booking app.

Most of the apps offer all services such as flight booking, travel booking, hotels etc. Better to choose all in one app so you can save your time as well as money.

Top 5 Best travel app for iOS and Android users:

In the older days, we should go to the travel agent and book the flight tickets or hotel for us. But, now the technology has been improved so you can easily book the tickets using the travel app in your home itself.

Actually, there are tons of travel apps are available but when it comes to the best, only a few apps are available. The following 5 apps are high rated filtered app. The features of these apps are as following under,

  1. Skyscanner – travel app:


Surprisingly! This is one of the most famous and also high-security travel apps. With the help of this Skyscanner travel app, you can easily book the flight tickets and also hotels within your budget. You just download this app to your Android or iOS mobile and open it.

After that, you will get complete information of the hotel with its facilities and available rooms so you can choose whatever hotels you want easily. Moreover, it is best for booking flight tickets why because it provides the flight timings, lowest rate flights, flying dates and other all information about the flights.


  1. Hopper – travel app:


Of course, this is one of the highly recommended flights booking travel app. Are you really looking the flight at an affordable price for your travel? If yes, then download it today in your mobile. It is completely unique app. It will provide the lowest rate of flights and its dates then timings.

Moreover, it will notify you if any of the cheapest flight is available for your travel so you can easily book the tickets at the particular time. If you are using this app, then you can save 40 percent of your money for booking the flight tickets so grab the great opportunity and book the flight tickets within 60 seconds of time.


  1. Airbnb – travel app:


The famous travel app of this Airbnb provides the lowest rate of the hotels all over the world. Nowadays, it is one of the toughest situations to book the hotels for staying so download this app to your mobile. It will guide you to choose the best hotel rooms in the city center or outside of the city.

Furthermore, it is otherwise called as the all in one travel app which means you will not only able to book the rooms for staying but also you can book the car or any other transport for your local travel.


  1. Citymapper – travel app:


Most of the people prefer only the public transportation. Likewise, if you are choosing the public transportation, then you can spend your valuable time in lots of attractive places and also you can enjoy the view of the city outside.

With the help of this Citymapper app, you can easily find the public transportation timings. Moreover, if you want to spend your timing at the lowest rate, then the public transportation is the best choice.

It does not only provide the timing of the public transportation but also it will help to the users to find the fastest ways to arrive the destination spot. This app is particularly designed for Android and also an iOS user. However, the users can access this app both online and also offline.


  1. Holidaypirates – travel app:


This is one of the best apps for the tourist those who want to enjoy their holiday time in some other famous places in the world. This app is specially designed for the user comfort so you can easily use it. With the help this app, you can view the travels deals, flight tickets, available rooms, and rental cars.

Moreover, if you want to get the daily deals which mean daily service, then download this app.  Surely, you will book the hotels or flight tickets within your budget with the help of this Holidaypirates travel app.



In the final analysis, the above apps are a top-rated app so surely, it will provide the suitable information for you and it fulfills your requirements. Download the app to your mobile and enjoy your vacation time with your family member or your loved ones within the small budget.

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