5 hostels worth to consider in Siargao Island Philippines

Siargao island in the Philippines have emerged as a great tourist attraction. People from all parts of the world specially visit the tear drop shaped island for its scenic beauty and beautiful beaches and sights that it offers. The island has immensely grown in tourism in the recent times.

Normally whoever visits the place on vacation opt for a room in some 5-star hotel. But, not everyone can afford these luxurious rooms with a 5-star rating. The facilities are expensive and do not suit everyone’s pocket. The island has made special provisions in order to give you the facilities at a much affordable rate. The owners of the high-end hotels have made provision for rooms at a much lower rate which is easily affordable for the common folk who visit the island. Here is a list of some of the best hostels of the island,

Sailfish Bay Surf & Big Game Fishing Lodge


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The hostel is located in the heart of the village Pacifico. It offers a room at a very affordable rate. It has become popular due to its location and hence is the first choice for the tourists who visit here. The location is convenient as well as excellent at the same time which provides the travelers access to many of the best city spots. Apart from the features, you can also enjoy the recreational activities such as massage, games and water sports available specially meant for the backpackers.

Calypso Surf and Dive


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Surfing may be the sport that attracts many travelers towards itself but the island has a lot more facilities than this. This unique hostel for backpackers offers fresh fish on their menu on a daily basis. Apart from diving experience that you will get here, you also get to go for island hopping and are entitled to several destination tours in the private boat provided by the hostel.

Viento Del Mar


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It is basically famous for its fusion dishes. It is located on the beach front and thus is popular amongst people. The rooms are air-conditioned and provide you with the best services on the island.

Bakhaw Bed and Breakfast


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The hostel is meant to provide you with full ease of access and convenience during your stay. It has a number of tour packages to different destinations to help you get the maximum out of your stay on the Siargao island.

Yama Beachfront House


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This is again a very peaceful hostel for backpackers in the Siargao island. They have rooms which are only a minute away from the beaches. It is known well for its ambience. It is certainly a very good option to consider at a very reasonable rate.

These are some of the most reasonable options to consider having a luxurious stay in the Siargao Island. Each of these hostels provides the backpackers with the best of the facilities and also includes several tour and destination packages to help you enjoy and have fun. It also lets you have a very peaceful stay in the Siargao Island. Each of these hostels has their own unique features with respect to the food, the recreational sources, the views outside etc. This makes these hostels even more popular. The rooms are super clean and the environment is serene to get you to enjoy every minute of your stay to its fullest.

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