9 Best cheap Bantayan Island Resorts

Bantayan Island is one of the most famous islands in the world. It is situated in the country of Philippines. Moreover, this is the largest island in Cebu. Mostly, this island is fully covered with the coconut palms. Most of the people are preferred to visit this place for the climate why because it is very cool and also romantic place.

One of the best seasons to visit the Bantayan Island is January to April when comparing to other months. Even, this island is also called as the best tourist spots.

Commonly, many resorts are available in the Bantayan Island. They will offer many features for the customer comfort but do you want to know the 9 best cheap Bantayan island resorts? If yes, then read this article to know more about it.

Best Bantayan Island resorts:

Normally, there are many resorts are available in the place of Bantayan island so it is very difficult to find the best resort at the lowest rate.

1 .The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites:


The Coral Blue Oriental Villas & Suites is suitable resort to the people those who are looking the best and low rate resort in the Bantayan Island. It is located nearby the white sand beach since it’s a beachfront resorts. When it comes to the outer look of the resort is really amazing. Each and every room in the resorts is facing the east side so every day you will enjoy the beautiful sunrise at the morning time.

They will provide all necessary facilities to the customers such as satellite TV, luxury rooms and also Wi-Fi facility. For the customer comfort, they will provide the variety of foods. It gives excellent taste and also it is very delicious to eat.

2 .Anika island resort:


Anika island resort is one of the most famous resorts in the Bantayan islands. Totally, 26 rooms are available at this resort. They will not only provide the best customer service but also they offer the features to the customers are cable TV with more than 100 channels, large sleeping bed, and attached bathroom with shower facility.

For the customer comfort, they will provide the transportation facility to the airport. In the outer portion of the resort,you will enjoy the beautiful garden with beach front view. However, the price of the rooms comes at a reasonable price.  Definitely, it will suitable for your budget.

3 .Kota beach resort:


Most of you all hear about the Kota beach resort in the Bantayan Island why because it is more famous. Moreover, it is one of the biggest resorts. Exactly, 34 rooms are available at this resort. Even, they will provide the breakfast and dinner but you should pay the extra money for it.

When it comes to the room charge is absolutely free for the children. Some of the resort only provide the limited home service but this Kota beach resort offers the unlimited home service for the customer comfort so the rooms will be clean and neat at all time.

4 .Sunday flower beach resort:


When comparing to the other resorts in the Bantayan resort, you can easily reach this Sunday flower resort from the airport. It just easy to find transport. Moreover, you should not book any of the transport to reach this resort why because they will provide the free transportation.

Totally, 8 large and beautiful rooms are available at this resort. It is fully furnished and also best world class designers have designed the rooms of this resort so it provides the gorgeous look. Based on the season, the rate of this resort will vary but it is completely inexpensive.

5 .Marlin’s beach resort:


It is one of the best places to enjoy the wedding events. Even, this Marlin’s beach is also called as the best wedding spot why because it is placed nearby the crystal water and sand beach. Based on the customer comfort, the resort will offer the extra discount packages for the wedding people.

The benefits you will get from the rooms of the resorts are air conditioning facility with satellite TV, free Wi-Fi for private and public areas, and free food service. Family hotels are also available in this resort so you can enjoy the huge varieties of foods at the lowest rate. The foods are prepared using the natural components so it is hygienic and also it is good for your health.

6. Amihan Beach Cabanas Resort:


This is one of the best resorts in the Bantayan Island. It is perfectly located near the white sand beach. If you are deciding to visit the Bantayan Island, then book the rooms in this Amihan Beach Cabanas Resort why because rooms are available at affordable prices. Definitely, it will worth for your money.

In front of the resort is beach view when you wake up in the morning you will definitely say it worth the trip. Even, this resort is suitable for the formal meeting also. When it comes to the size of the rooms are very large and these are made of bamboo and wood with a taste of modernity. They will offer the quality room service with free hygienic foods in the restaurant.

7 .Ritzy’s white beach resort:


This Ritzy’s white beach resort is best for the people those who want to enjoy the honeymoon. Most of the resorts in the Bantayan Island will not allow the pets inside the resorts but this resort allows the pets. Even, they will provide the comfortable places for your pets.

Breakfast is available at the morning time between 7 AM to 11 AM. It is absolutely free. You don’t want to pay the money for it. However, they will apply the extra charge if you want to add the extra person in your rooms.

8 .Maia’s beach resort:


This Maia’s beach resort is one of the top rating resorts in the Bantayan islands. This is one of the excellent places to stay and enjoy your vacation time. It is completely located in the city outer area so this is the perfect place to get relaxation.

Rooms are looks like great. In that, you will get the large bed with attached bathroom. The ultra-size of the bed provides the great comfort to the users. 24 hours hygienic water facility and housekeeping also available in this resort. Lastly, the rate of this resort is low so it is the best place to stay with your family members and friends.

9 .Ogtong cave resort:


The people are really amazing the entrance of this Ogtong cave resort. It is otherwise called as the luxury resort. It is very big in size. More than hundreds of people can stay in this resort simply. The rooms are very neat and also clean so it provides the elegant look.

Within few minutes of time, you will get foods that you order in the restaurant. In the front portion of the resort, you can enjoy the green environment of a beautiful garden with swimming pool.

The rooms are available at all time. The people those who are looking the resort within the low budget can book the rooms in this Ogtong cave resort.


The above 9 resorts are the best and cheap resorts in the island of Bantayan why because when comparing to the other resorts they will offer many facilities to the customers with the lowest rate.



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